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Team Stella Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $2,000.00
Total Raised: $3,079.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 38

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At 5 weeks old, Stella was diagnosed with Pompe Disease, a rare condition that causes progressive muscle weakness and can lead to respiratory failure, which was once thought to stop most infants from reaching their first birthdays. Thanks to the therapists at Children's Specialized Hospital and her fighting spirit, Stella is defying medical odds. She undergoes a combination of intensive physical and occupational therapies, and manages to always do so with a smile.

Team Members:
Total Raised$3,079.00  
General Team Donation$0.00  
Brandon Levan$87.00  
Vicki Maglaras$0.00  
Catherine Oesterle$65.00  
   Kenward Averbookh$0.00  
   Sigourney Beada$0.00  
   Kristine Bombardiere$0.00  
   Alexandra Borrelli$25.00  
   Rachael Bramlage$0.00  
   Moenika Chowdhury$0.00  
   Ann Collins$275.00  
   Jane Cruz$0.00  
   Anna Dixon$20.00  
   Caroline Duggan$0.00  
   Naz Erdemci$50.00  
   Karina Groshnikova$0.00  
   Sarah Halliday$0.00  
   Karen Han$0.00  
   Naomi Henderson$20.00  
   Karina Hunstein$10.00  
   Lauren Hyland$65.00  
   Nicole Lange$50.00  
   Sean Lefebvre$0.00  
   Mary Libera$0.00  
   Dominic LoVasco$0.00  
   Gianna Marcovecchio$155.00  
   Veronica Moditz$0.00  
   Jenny Quispe$122.00  
   Lilly Razzaghi$0.00  
   Emma Roth$175.00  
   Pujan Shah$5.00  
   Jacqueline Spero$10.00  
   Tom Spinelli$0.00  
   Kelsey Stevens$0.00  
   Justin Tanksley$0.00  
   Jennifer Wajda$10.00  
   Carinne Werthaim$20.00  
   Mike Wezyk$0.00  
   Kristina Zekic$1,915.00  

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